By P. Pharm, RN

I used to be a nurse
I worked myself to the bone
I cared and cared and cared
And found myself alone.

My manager insisted constantly
I’m just not good enough
When my eyes teared from this pain
She said to toughen up.

I constantly strived to be better
The nurse you wanted me to be
But I can’t be your robot
I have a soul and brain you see.

You said I lacked empathy
Because satisfaction scores have died
You blamed me for that data
A logistical nightmare come alive.

You said, “Try harder, move faster
Be pleasant, don’t rush!”
I never saw you here beside me
Taking abuse and being crushed.

When I had an emotional response
You threw policy in my face
You manipulatively scolded me
And accused me of being displaced.

I used to be a nurse
Everything was under my control
But you took all that I held dear
And left an empty hole.