You said it before
You’ll say it’s a fact
I’m a bitch and a whore
For forgetting your snack.

You think I’m so lazy
For taking a break
I was ignoring your call
To pee for freaks sake.

I run around like crazy
There’s no end in sight
Three patients are crashing
Please save me this night.

My patients are angry
They’re acting like dicks
Because it took me 10 minutes
To get you that fix.

I run and I strive
To meet your demands
But that does not mean
I’m a slave to commands.

My manager says work harder
And quicker with glee
Or soon find yourself
With no job you will see.

So your nurse is a bitch
Who doesn’t run when you yell
And is abused and harassed
For not serving you well.

You think I deserve
To be hit, punched, and slapped
Because you are unhappy
With your stay; you feel trapped.

You think you’re a victim
You think you’re in jail
There’s no accountability
For your physical fail.

So stay away from hospitals
From nurses who care
Avoiding your misery
Of being saved from despair.