By B.P. Betty, RN

Leave Me
Leave Me
I beg you
Leave me
It is time for you to go
Past Time
You aren’t the first to leave me behind
The tears on my cheeks
Are hot with grief
For me
Not you
We have known this moment would come
We have talked without speaking
Your eyes piercing mine
For the Truth
You will
Leave me soon

For now each
Ragged breath
Belongs to me
I kiss your head
For the tenth time today
My tears glistening
On your scalp and
For this instant
You still belong to me
I whisper to you
You moan your response
I straighten your sheets
For the one hundredth time
I cry
Each time I am left behind
I never dreamed
I would be death’s midwife.

For all my patients whom I have loved – Godspeed.