By P. Pharm RN

There once was a nurse trapped up to her ankles in quicksand.  Her
manager asked, “How did you get yourself into this predicament?”  The
nurse replied, “I don’t know.  I was helping a patient and before I
knew it, I was caught in this sand.”  The manager rolled her eyes and
said, “Once you’ve figured out how to free yourself, bed 9 needs pain
medicine.” And she walked away.

The nurse looked down at her stuck ankles and started to panic.  She
worried that she might be stuck forever.  Slowly, the sand crept up
her calves.  Hours had past and her manager appeared behind her.  “Why
are you still standing here?” She sharply and callously asked.  The
nurse looked down at her submerged calves and wept.  “I am stuck and I
haven’t been able to free myself.  Can you please help me get out of
this hole?”  The manager looked at her watch and said, “I am late for
a meeting.  Why don’t you call Employee Assistance?  Maybe they can
help you.”  And she walked away.

Slowly the sand began to engulf her legs until her hips were embraced by the sand.
Her manager again made her rounds and saw the nurse
still trying to free herself.  “Did you call the Employee Assistance
hotline?”  The nurse looked down and shrugged.  “They put me
on hold twice.  Eventually the calls went straight to voicemail.  I
did leave a message explaining my troubles.  Can you help me?”  The
manager looked at the clock on the wall and exhaled.  “Have you asked
your co-workers to help you?  You really need to learn how to delegate
tasks to others.” And she walked off.

The nurse spent hours asking other staff to help her but they were all too
busy.  By now, the sand reached her chest and it was becoming hard to
breathe.  The manager asked her why she was still stuck in this hole.
The nurse almost breathless replied, “my feet were caught and you
blamed me.  I sunk further and you walked away.  My legs were fully
submerged as I wept and you mocked me.  Now, I suffocate and you have
the audacity to ask why I still linger in this pit of despair.  “Why
do you discard me so?”  The manager looked down at the nurse and
replied, “Because those who sink cannot be saved.”

The manager walked away as the nurse descended into darkness.