Once you’re a nurse, you walk the halls and sidewalks of life in that foggy place between tragedy and peace. Miracles and failure. You are stuck between the living and the dead.

The dying are glad you’re there. Your efficient normalcy is comforting and safe. The living keep you at arms length, however. Maybe you do the same. The living talk too much and are full of pride and ego. There’s no time or place for either in our work.

You look at us with incredulous suspicion. We look at you warily, as well. We notice your habits or physical signs of ill health like others notice designer shoes and purses. We know what to do when you’re dead. We will comfort your family. We will wash your nude body before zipping you up in cheap plastic. Death is the great equalizer. You may get a fancy casket, but everyone first gets that  same cheap plastic bag.

In response to your question of “what do you do for a living?” I respond “I tend to to the dead and dying.” The small talk sputters to a halt. You laugh nervously. Now you know why I don’t care about the famous people you know, or how much money you make. Your kids scholarship to MIT and your latest trips don’t affect me. I don’t care about purses or tv shows or the latest trends.

Your jewelry isn’t going with you. Nothing you say to try impress me, will make me think better of you.  I’m a nurse. I know what you look like dead.