Bedpan Betty, RN

Nurses are exposed to life threatening infectious diseases. They are exposed to and are victims of violence. They do not get the tools they need to do their jobs.

The culture is of martyrdom and shaming/bullying. It’s physically and emotionally demanding. There is little “leadership” support as healthcare is now a hospitality industry vs a healing modality.

It is retaliatory when nurses take a stand against the grain of doing what’s right vs enabling bad behavior and habits in leue of patient satisfaction survey scores. It is adversarial and unit-centric. It is based on pointing out “errors” instead of celebrating cooperation and patient advocacy, however that looks to patients. It is rigid policy and process based vs working with and for the patient as an individual.

It is not based on whole healing but rather symptom management. It has become consumer driven, which makes us either salespeople or whores. We are no longer helping people or communities. We have become commodities and it is soul crushing.

The art of medicine has been replaced by algorithms and profit margins. 24 percent of us have PTSD and compassion fatigue. Even more are medicated with anti depressants just to do the job.

There’s not a shortage of nurses. We are 30 million strong in the US alone. Because of the toxic work environment, they’re either walking away, killing themselves, or dead inside. As long as the healers continue to be broken, none of us will be healed.